Calling all Korean beverage enthusiasts! Did you catch our recent interview on Love 972? Our very own EG founder Sophie Sea had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing DJs, discussing the fascinating world of Korean drinks!

Watch the recording here:

The interview delved into the rich history and unique characteristics of some of Korea’s most beloved beverages:

  • Soju: We explored the fascinating journey of soju, from its humble beginnings as a distilled spirit made from rice, to its modern-day popularity as a versatile and affordable drink enjoyed worldwide.
  • Makgeolli: This delicious, slightly sweet rice wine was a hot topic. We discussed its traditional brewing methods, creamy texture, and how it perfectly complements Korean cuisine.
  • Bokbunja: This delightful liqueur made from Korean blackberries was a true showstopper. We shared its unique flavor profile, beautiful ruby red colour, and its versatility in cocktails and even desserts.

The conversation extended beyond the drinks themselves. We explored the vibrant social aspects of Korean drinking culture, where soju and other beverages play a central role in fostering connections and celebrations.

For those eager to experiment at home, we shared some popular Korean drinking traditions and easy-to-make recipes featuring soju, makgeolli, and bokbunja. From classic soju bombs to refreshing makgeolli cocktails, there’s something for every taste bud!

Products mentioned during the show:

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Missed it? Catch the recording here:

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