Shopee Mart is an online grocery platform offered by Shopee, which is one of the leading e-commerce companies in Southeast Asia. Shopee Mart offers a wide variety of products, competitive pricing, fast and reliable delivery, and a user-friendly interface, making it a popular choice among consumers in Southeast Asia.

Objective: Product Range Expansion

The demand for Korean F&B products has increased in recent years due to the popularity of Korean pop culture, including K-Pop and K-Dramas, and the growing interest in Korean cuisine.

To enable customers to easily browse and purchase their favorite Korean F&B products on their platform, Shopee wanted to expand their Shopee Mart range of products to include a variety of Korean snacks and condiments.

Shopee approached Enterprise Go with 3 goals:

  1. Work with a reliable partner/distributor specialising in Korean F&B to source and import goods from a Korean supplier
  2. Engage a partner that takes care of logistics and compliance matters
  3. Achieve cost savings from shipping together with Enterprise Go’s shipments

Team Shopee’s busy schedule necessitated working with a provider equipped with the necessary skills and network to handle this project.

Solution: Leverage Enterprise Go’s Expertise and Network

Besides liaising on behalf of Shopee with the Korean supplier on pricing and quality control, Enterprise Go also provided Shopee with a comprehensive solution including importing, labeling, storage, delivery, and ensuring all relevant licences and compliance required from the relevant authorities were adhered to.

A well-oiled infrastructure and team from Enterprise Go were dedicated to this project to ensure all aspects were well taken care of. Team Shopee was kept informed at all stages to confirm that tasks were completed on schedule and with the promised quality.

Results: Smooth Completion of Project

By working with Enterprise Go on this project, Shopee managed to:

  • Import 47 SKUs of Korean snacks and beverages, in a total of 350 cartons
  • Realise huge savings on shipping costs that they would otherwise incur since their goods did not make one container
  • Have streamlined communication with a single point of contact from Enterprise Go
  • Focus on their core business activities and priorities, instead of having to set up a separate team for this project

Why Enterprise Go

Our clients include companies that sell on ecommerce marketplaces, chain retailer /restaurants, and F&B Distributors. The top questions asked by our clients are:

Do you import a certain item?

Can you get this item from Korea?

Wide range of services

With more than 10 years in the industry, the team at Enterprise Go is well known for its specialised knowledge and expertise in procurement practices. This means that for whichever product you are interested to import, we have the network to support your needs.

Besides providing our customers a range of sourcing services such as market research, price negotiation, and logistics management, we also place emphasis on building and maintaining relationships – working closely with customers to find the right products to meet their needs and developing stronger relationships with vendors.

Single point of contact

Having a single point of content in Enterprise Go means our customers reap the benefits of simplified communication – eliminating multiple contacts and minimising risk of errors.

Experience improved efficiency and reduced costs as we provide you timely updates and consolidated data so that you can make more informed decisions.

Reduced risks

With our regular shipments from Korea, we have information on the most updated importing regulations and shipping conditions. We take care of all relevant licences and compliance required from the relevant authorities for you.

Whether it be testing new products or reordering, working with us allows you to ship just the right quantities of goods, thereby minimising overstocking and reducing risk.

By leveraging Enterprise Go’s expertise and resources, you can focus on your core competencies and business operations and leave everything else to us.